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Bergenia 'Ice Queen' (Elephant Ears 'Ice Queen')
Bergenia 'Ice Queen' (Elephant Ears 'Ice Queen'): Very tidy, evergreen plant with bright green, red edged leaves and palest green flowers in winter. [Collect Only]
Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose)
Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose): Pure white flowers in midwinter, evergreen foliage.
Petasites paradoxus (Alpine butterburr)
Petasites paradoxus (Alpine butterburr): Silvery, wide but pointed leaves in summer. Flowers resembling white studded tennis balls in February. Excellent foliage plant

Found 3 matches:

Flowering: Winter [ X ]

Main Flower Colour

Green (1)
White (2)


Part-shade (3)
Shade (2)
Sun (1)


Drained (3)
Moist (3)
Normal (3)

Spread Rate

Fast (1)
Moderate (1)
Slow (1)