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Perennial Plant Nursery

The nursery specialises in flowering perennials, those gorgeous garden plants that add life and colour to our gardens and return year after year. We stock over 700 varieties, from old favourites like Lupins and Hostas to more unusual plants such as Pimpinella and Dictamnus.

Buy the perfect perennials

We think we've got the perfect perennial for every possible garden situation. Do drop in and ask one of our expert staff for advice, or use our online mail-order plants service for delivery throughout Great Britain at an affordable price.

Where our plants come from

We propagate most of our plants from our own stock plants in the gardens and our nursery stock beds in which you can see the parent plants at their mature size. We buy in some new stock each year, using UK grown sources where possible and as bare root or young plants. We only use peat-free compost at the nursery to pot plants on. Some of the young plants supplied to us in spring are grown by our suppliers in peat. If it is important to you to avoid all peat please ask and we will check for you.

Environmental care

We think our plants should do as much good as possible, and as little harm, so all of the plants grown at the nursery are potted in peat-free compost and managed without chemical pesticides. We use biological controls for pests and do not use neonicotinoid pesticides. To reduce plastic waste, we welcome the return of pots from plants purchased from our nursery. We also offer a plastic-free mail order service and the option to de-pot your plants at the counter and take them home wrapped in paper. Please remember to bring your own bags too!

Garden designers

We welcome plant supply enquiries from garden designers and can grow to order. Please contact Sue for further information.