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Chelsea in pictures
My thoughts on Chelsea - and what the cameras missed...

Spring bling
The garden has sprung into life with the fine weather - which gave me a great chance to get the camera out and capture it while it lasts...

Ginger nuts and yellow 'Geraniums'
Winter life at Bluebell Cottage. And - does plant 'know-how' matter more than knowing plant names?

October 2013
Your thoughts on gardening and social media?
May I have your vote?
To sow, or not to sow

August 2013
The joy of seeds

July 2013
Come and see us at Tatton Show!

May 2013
More pictures, fewer words

April 2013
Into Gardens and more
April, come she will

March 2013
Online plant shop!

February 2013
How to sow seeds

January 2013
Still swimming
Inspired to swim

October 2012
Blazing autumn colour

September 2012
Grasses - Perfect partners
Happy New Gardening Year

August 2012
Life in the Floral Marquee

July 2012
My week at Tatton Show
The garden in high summer

June 2012
Beauty and the Bees

May 2012
Am I 'Organic'?

April 2012
The joy of weeding
To sow or not to sow...?

March 2012
Top 50 isn't bad, is it?

February 2012
The first five years (part 2)
The first five years (part 1)
In the beginning

December 2011
The art of apple tree pruning
All I want for Christmas
How to put on a tree tie
33 degrees south

October 2011
The joy of change

September 2011
Soft, soporific September
Plant breeders rights

August 2011
To Southport and beyond
Grace, gone but not forgotten

July 2011
Pictures of Grace
Grace wins Gold
Grasses with Grace gets a hammering
Grasses with Grace is born

June 2011
Sacred Cows
How to propagate Sedums
How to take Cleamatis cuttings
On not being here

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