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Centaurea macrocephala (Giant knapweed)
Centaurea macrocephala (Giant knapweed): Huge, bright yellow almost fluffy flowers in mid-summer follow attractive papery buds. Attractive to bees. Height to 1.5m. Hardy. [Collect Only]
Cephalaria gigantea (Giant scabious)
Cephalaria gigantea (Giant scabious): Very tall wavy stems topped with large lemon yellow scabious-like flowers.Easy to grow. May need staking or support. Hardy. Up to 2m.
Helianthus 'Capenoch Star' (Perennial sunflower 'Capenoch Star')
Helianthus 'Capenoch Star' (Perennial sunflower 'Capenoch Star'): A superb form of perennial sunflower with tall stems of cheery yellow flowers with pompom-like centres. Hardy. Up to 1.5m.
Ligularia 'The Rocket' (Leopard plant 'The Rocket')
Ligularia 'The Rocket' (Leopard plant 'The Rocket'): Dramatic spikes of yellow flowers on black stems over very large green toothed leaves [Collect Only]

Found 4 matches:

Colour: Yellow [ X ]
Height: Over 1.2m [ X ]


Part-shade (2)
Sun (4)


Drained (3)
Dry (1)
Moist (2)
Normal (4)
Wet (1)


Late Summer (1)
Mid Summer (3)

Spread Rate

Fast (3)
Moderate (1)